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Watch April 2015 I go often. The corridors are not empty, a record properly conducted, and Cialis Professional 20 mg all come to my time. Recovery room, and they are not few, are all busy. Chamber for two, but each placed on one patient. Resuscitation 12 beds 29.05 was full. Operations are many Cialis 20 mg people there. At my doctor's record of 1 full week ahead. There was in the department of women's health. As in the other, I do not know. Chamber good, very attentive nurses and doctors. No one, even the smallest complaint. Before Cialis Professional the operation, before they are taken to the operating room, made a soothing stab: it is for me the most is, as always very nervous. Not my first surgery. Nosov operated in all the details I can write a lot, but they are only in favor of clinics and doctors. Very expensive! But Cialis Professional 20 mg you have to calculate the forces and capabilities.

I am 52 years, in June 2015. Laparoscopy was performed. Hysterectomy with appendages. Minilaparotomy. Omenteektomiya. After the operation was carried out histological examination of the body of the uterus with appendages gland. Conclusion: Bilateral serous ovarian tsistadenofibroma with small areas of serous papillary borderline tumors with psammomnymi calves, located both in the interior and on the surface of the right ovary. Chronic salpingitis. Gidrosalpinksa right. The omentum, a few non-invasive papillary Professional Review serous microimplants border psamomnymi tumor cells. The endometrium phase secretion. Adenomyosis. Components of a typical structure of leiomyoma. In a weak Cialis Review cervix-koilocytosis ploskoepitelialnogo pokrova.Cherez month after the operation conducted MRI pelvic organs: the conclusion of data for the distribution of the underlying disease is not obtained. Recommended MR control dynamics as clinically necessary. Question: Do I need chemotherapy, in this case, since the expert opinion are not the same. One advises to simply watch Cialis Professional Review the other - to make 3-course chemotherapy every 3 weeks.